Hance Dilbeck

Hance Dilbeck

Hance Dilbeck

Senior Pastor - OKC, Quail Springs

I am a shepherd. God called me to be a pastor when I was 18 years old. I have been the pastor of a local church all my adult life. For years I resisted this role, but I have come to embrace it. God’s will is good, perfect and pleasing.

The Lord has given me a wonderful partner for this work. Julie and I have been married since we were kids, 20 years old. We serve together. The Lord has blessed us with three sons, all of them are now grown, out of school, out of the house and off the payroll! Dr. D.H. Dilbeck, III, lives in Charlottesville, VA with his wife Mackenzie and their daughter Pearl. (I have pictures if you want to see). He is an educator. Our other sons, Dax and Leighton, live and work in OKC. Julie and I rejoice in our family and consider ourselves truly blessed.

I thank the Lord for my education. He allowed me to study at Oklahoma Baptist University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. With each passing year, I value my education more. I have had the honor of serving as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of both of those fine institutions. I try to do my part in Baptist life. I have preached many times at Falls Creek, travelled to help our missionaries, taught at our university and seminary, and served in various denominational leadership roles. I am also on the Board of Directors of Integris Baptist Hospital.

The focus and joy of my life is to shepherd the flock of God which is Quail Springs Baptist Church. I love to feed, lead and care for this congregation. They are a blessing to me. I rejoice each day in the Lord’s service with these people. God has given me gifts, experiences, training and ability to preach His Word. This great church allows me to study and deliver week by week. When I am preaching, I feel God’s pleasure in me.

When I am resting, I enjoy reading Wendell Berry books, golfing and drinking coffee on the back porch with the wife of my youth.


I often pray Isaiah 61:3 for our church. “That we would wear a mantle of praise, not a spirit of weakness.  So we will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.”  My hope is that we will continue to grow into a great church for all people. A church that gathers people to Christ and His Word, builds people up as strong disciples, and sends them out to their neighbors and all nations.